3269 3/4C Road
Palisade, CO 81526
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Hermosa Vineyards

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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In 2001, after years of growing premium grapes for other wineries in the Grand Valley, Kenn and Stacy Dunn created Hermosa Vineyards. As a small, family owned and operated winery, Hermosa Vineyards is dedicated to crafting the finest wines with grapes grown in the high mountain dessert of western Colorado. The biggest single factor in crafting fine wine begins in the vineyard. Attention to the many factors involved in a healthy, balanced, and sustainable vineyard provides for an environment that allows the grapes to reach their full potential. That is why our wines are made of only the very best, 100%, Colorado grown grapes. Currently our wines are only available at many of the fine wine establishments on the western slope of Colorado.
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