3740 Hwy 413
Anderson, SC 29621
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Ebenezer Farm

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Ebenezer Farm is a family farm in the rolling Piedmont hills. St Croix Hair Sheep, a threatened breed according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, share our farm with guard donkeys, Angus cattle, American Dominique chickens and abundant wildlife. St Croix sheep are a good fit in our grass and legume based pastures. They have natural parasite resistance and require minimal handling. St Croix lamb products, such as French racks, loin chops, lean ground lamb, kabob cubes, leg of lamb and other cuts are known for always delivering mild taste with each tender bite. We do not crossbreed so the flavor is consistently enjoyable. The St Croix breed and lamb products are listed in the US Ark of Taste by Slow Food USA. Flocks are rotated on pastures, provided high quality minerals and if supplemental feed is needed, we provide locally grown hay. The flocks are maintained as registered sheep so that part of each lamb crop can be used to start new flocks and to preserve this rare gene pool. We do not allow the ewes to lamb in the worst of winter or the hottest months of summer for the sake of their health and for the safety of the newborn lambs. Market lambs are grown in stress-free pastures and are available most of the year. Whole lamb is available and can be cut to your specifications. It will be processed, shrink-wrapped and frozen by Glenn and Linda, at Northwest Meats, a state inspected facility. We are highly impressed with their cleanliness and service. Smaller portions and individuals cuts are available from our friends, Tom and Linda, at Happy Cow Creamery. Thank you for calling us between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM, Eastern Time. We go to bed with the chickens!
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