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Genesee, PA 16923
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Genesee Natural Foods, Inc.

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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In August of 1979 we opened the doors to our first newly constructed Genesee Natural Foods Store/Warehouse. We used recycled barn beams from a nearby Ulysses PA barn and lots of hard work and sweat by Larry and Brian. Our vision was (and still is) to make Natural and Organic foods available and affordable to all who seek to maintain and improve their health through common sense good nutrition and education. The idea is nothing new, whole foods are best. We are simply hoping to help reverse the trend toward overly processed, refined and genetically altered foods (not to mention irradiated foods which do not have to be labeled yet). Since 1979 we have continued to offer bulk and packaged foods as well as Organic foods. In October of 2002 the National Organic Standards Act was finally passed (after 10 years of debating). Basically for a food item to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC it must be produced and processed without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, sewage sludge as well as not having been genetically altered or irradiated. We have now become a CERTIFIED ORGANIC FOOD HANDLER and maintain records of lot numbers on the bulk Organic items that we repack. Organic foods are growing and we hope that the future will continue, especially for the chidren. We carry both Organic and commercially grown foods and products and they are labeled accordingly. We also sell small quantities-spices and herbs are available by the ounce or pound. You can buy one pound of raisins or a case of 30 pounds. When you buy the case, you save the most; 5-pound bags are also available at prices between the 1# and case price. There are ongoing specials on Stretch Island fruit leathers, Panda licorice and Knudsen Spritzers to name a few. At first we did not carry supplements believing we could get all of our nutrition through foods, but later we learned that nutrient deficient soils produce nutrient deficient foods. Environmental toxins and pollutants also add to the stress placed upon our bodies. Therefore we started offering vitamins, herbs and other food supplements like flax oils and seeds. We carry Country Life, Nature’s Plus, Barleans, Source Naturals, Nature’s Way and NOW branded supplements at an everyday 15% discount with up to an additional 25-35% off on selected lines during the year. We welcome your Special orders and new requests too.
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