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Hardneck Garlic and Seed Garlic


Victory Acres is a Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) farm located in Northeastern Indiana. We grow 40 different varieties of fruits and vegetables.
For the past seven years we have been developing a supply of seed garlic, replanting our own seed each year to grow more and more. This year, is our third year to bring our garlic to market, and we think you'll really like the results of our seven years of cultivation.
We only have the finest hardneck garlic, and we sell it by the pound. Here are the varieties that we have available this year:
Ukraine- a Rocambole garlic well known for its wonderful, robust, well-rounded, true-garlic flavour. Reddish brown skins cover the individual cloves and the bulb wrappers often have pink or purple stripes when they are first harvested. Great flavor! (This is my personal favorite.)
German White- a Porcelain garlic variety. Big, beautiful looking garlics with satiny white wrappers and a strong flavour. (Porcelains do well under a wide variety of growing conditions,and they also keep well.)
Music- a Porcelain garlic variety similar to German White with slightly smaller cloves and a milder taste.
Caretaker- a Rocambole garlic variety,Aa cultiavar of German Brown. Really strong and flavorful.
Weonlyuse our A+, finest, largest garlic bulbs for seed.
All garlic for use is of the highest quality, no seconds.
Nationally, hardneck garlic is selling for $18-$24 per pound with demand much higher than supply. (This is what high-class resturants use.)
2013 Harvest Pricing
$20.00 per pound for premium garlic (2"+ bulbs, our finest.)
$17.00 per pound for seed garlic (plus shipping)
$14.00 per pound for smaller "cooking garlic" (plus shipping)
100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
Shipping is $7.00 for the first pound and $3 for each additional pound.

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Sold by:Victory Acres
Email:Contact Us
Location:Upland, Indiana

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Listing expires:11/14/2013
Listing posted:08/16/2013

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Start date:08/25/2011
End date:12/01/2011
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