1059 West Old #4 Highway
Coward, SC 29530
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Old Plantation Syrup and Russ Brothers Farm

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Folks, we are talking Ole' Fashion Pancake Syrup here.... "This four generation recipe's blend of cane and corn still offers some of the best tasting pancake syrup around", states syrup maker Marvin Russ of Cowards, South Carolina. He continues, "One thing for sure, it is still home made and done so in a labor of love, cause we do it ourselves by hand, referring to himself, his brother (Wilbur), and their sons (Jason and Mike)". He stated that Ted and Lee Fleming of Kingstree have been coming up here for about fours years helping and we all make a good team. When we get started, we don't stop 'till the job is done". On a "cooking day", you'll find trucks pulling trailers of cane heading off the main highway, US Highway 52, in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina approximately 15 miles south of Florence down Old #4 on the Lyches River County Park Road to the Russ Brothers Syrup Producing Facility which is nestled in the woods not too far from the river. Cane brought in for milling is shared on halves. Also, cane is grown and harvested on the Russ' farm. Here is where the Russ family continue four generations of making Old Plantation Ole Fashion Pancake Syrup. No, there are no production lines, conveyor belts, or large machinery. The cane mill outside is powered by 1950's tractor and all assist in loading cane through the mill where its juices pour into 50 gallon buckets.
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