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Looking To Sell: Specialty Product
Delicious and Savory Gourmet Sauces Infused With all Natural and Glutren Free Ingredients.
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We offers for sale some very delicious and authentic Old Kansas City StyleGourmet Sauces. Our bbq sauces consist of our Original Style, Carolina Mustard, Spicy Original and our Colorado Mountain Bourbon Blend. Thse sauces are sold in 20 ounce bottles. We also have another sauce, a very delicious Gourmet Steak Sauce are sold in a 12 ounce bottle. Within 1 year we are in over 120 retail outlets that are carry our very tasty and delicious gourmet sauce that have proven to be a great success. Our delicious and savory gourmet sauces sell because all our product are all handcrafted to perfection infused with all natural and gluten free ingredients. And to add our very unique and funny Colorado label to our product has help retailers to increase sales and revenue. For retailer who would be interested, please e-mail us as soon as possible. Sample are available on request to retail outlets. And by January, 2017 there are 4 rubs that will be available. All sauces come in a case of 12 and there is a 15% cap on all delivery. Sorry no mixed cases.

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Sold by:Colorado Smokin' Butts Barbecue Sauce Co.
Email:Contact Us
Location:Florissant, Colorado

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Listing views:46
Listing expires:09/23/2017
Listing posted:06/25/2017

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Start date:07/04/2015
End date:07/04/2017

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