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Ratchford Buffalo Farm

sold by: Ratchford Farms (View Business Information)


Our beef products are not widely available in your local grocery or health food stores yet. So, if you don't see them, ask for them by name...Ratchford Farms Beef. Our frozen products can be picked up at our ranch. Please remember to call first at 501-362-4461 or 870-448-5179. Our home and working ranch are open to tours and to answer any questions you have as well as to provide you with some of the healthiest, best-tasting beef, buffalo and elk products that you can find anywhere!

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Urban Chefs

sold by: Urban Chefs (View Business Information)


Columbus is home to this producer of BBQ and hot sauces, diced tomatoes and cut green beans made with only the finest of ingredients. Visit there website to order online (below) and check out their profile (above).

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Goodness Gracious! Granola - 'You Struck Gold'

sold by: Goodness Gracious! Granola (View Business Information)

Goodness Gracious! Granola - 'You Struck Gold'

Our best selling 'You Struck Gold' is spiked with Georgia pecans and sweetened with local honey and sorghum.

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Goats milk soap

sold by: Dn'D Farms (View Business Information)

Goats Milk Soap

This is great for people who are very sensitive to fragrance oils. It has all the great qualities of goats milk but without the fragrance.

Navels, Grapefruits, and More

sold by: Sullivan Victory Groves (View Business Information)

Sullivan Victory Groves

Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruits, Nova Tangelos, and Specialty Products

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Great American Popcorn Works (Specialty Snacks Inc.)

sold by: Great American Popcorn Works (Specialty Snacks Inc.) (View Business Information)

Great American Popcorn WorksGreat American Popcorn Works has created the perfect movie time snack pack. This set comes with not only all natural popcorn, but also caramel popcorn and two boxes of theatre candy!

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Becnel Plantation, LLC

sold by: Becnel Plantation, LLC (View Business Information)

Becnel's winery

Cellar Master Charles Becnel ll has been producing wines at Becnel Plantation since 2005 under the name Pierre Clidamont Becnel and features wines such as blackberry, currant, raspberry and sugarcane. Wines are available through internet sales as well as wholesale distribution. A tasting room provides the chance to taste the wines.http://la.marketmaker.uiuc.edu/main/details/422691

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Fishing Guide and Training both Bay and Offshore!

sold by: FISHNTEXAS.COM (View Business Information)


Fishing Port Aransas, Rockport, Corpus Christi Texas - Bay Fishing and Offshore Fishing Trips; also try a Rockport, Texas Duck Hunt this Winter with The Saltwater Cowboy!

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Iowa Wine At Its Best

sold by: Jasper Winery (View Business Information)


At Jasper Winery, we strive to produce world-class wines using Iowa grown grapes. This can be a difficult task, and requires substantial innovation in terms of grape variety selection, vineyard practices, and wine production techniques.

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Fessler's Original Sauce

sold by: Bigfoot Enterprises, LLC DBA Fessler's Sauces (View Business Information)


This fish sauce was a specialty of Frank's Tavern of Fenton, MI for over 80 years. It tastes great on grilled, baked and fried fish & fries. Seafood of all varieties is enhanced by this great tasting sauce. Dip your fried Shrimp and Soft Shell Crab in it. Use it with your Stone Crab Claws and Clams. Youll be glad you did!

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Heartland Herbs

sold by: Heartland Herbs (View Business Information)


Blending their mixes in small batches, Heartland Herbs offers delicious seasonings to use as dips, spreads and in cooking. They market their products through art and craft shows, wholesale and online. Check out their MarketMaker profile (above) or order from their website (below).

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West Texas Cotton Honey

sold by: Huney.net, LLC (View Business Information)


Raw Cotton honey from west Texas. This unique honey is naturally crystallized and spreadable like butter. It is very sweet with a mild creamy flavor and clean, fresh smell. Unheated and unstrained, our cotton honey contains pollen and small flecks of beeswax.

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Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping

sold by: Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping (View Business Information)

Herkner's Homemade Cherry Topping

We knew our topping was delicious because we had hundreds of customers fifty years ago when we earned enough at our cherry stand to send our father to Europe with the People to People program. Now fifty years later people are still enthusiastic about our cherry topping.
Now the dream has come true. With a superior product, our energy, and guidance from the Michigan State University's Product Center, we are proof that it can be done. Our cherry topping is sold in many stores in Michigan and beyond. This all natural topping is scrumptious over ice cream, great on meats, cheeses, appetizers and also on many desserts.

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Sweet Corn, Watermelons, & Cantaloupes

sold by: Berries by Bill Inc. (View Business Information)


In season now! Bill Landreth in Newport Arkansas, Exit 83, is open (all) seven days of the week. Stop in and get your produce today!

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"Mrs. Curtis' Favorite Fruit Spreads" Gift Package

sold by: Curtis Orchard & Pumpkin Patch (View Business Information)

Favorite Fruit Spreads

Mrs. Curtis Favorite Fruit Spreads gift package includes 4 jars (a savings of $2.00):

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves
  • Seedless Black Raspberry Preserves
  • Cinnamon Apple Cider Jelly
  • F.R.O.G. Jam (Figs, Raspberries, Oranges, Ginger)

Definitions: preserves contain fruit slices jellies derived from the fruits juices; jams contain crushed bits of fruit.

Comes in an 13 x 6 x 3 in. gift box with 4 sheets of bubble wrap to protect the jars.

Weight is 6.60 lbs. and ships FedEx Home Delivery

$37.99 retail includes tax + s/h (Price is for shipping within Continental US only-please inquire if wishing to ship elsewhere.)

Please allow 7-10 business days for all orders.

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The Mobile Oyster Company

sold by: The Mobile Oyster Co. (View Business Information)


The taste of any oyster has almost everything to do with where it comes from, what waters have nourished it. This is why we raise our Isle Dauphine Oysters where we do---off the West End of Dauphin Island, Alabama, at a place where human habitation ends and the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico meet the fertile waters flowing from Alabamas amazing estuaries. Salty and rich, Isle Dauphine Oysters are a tastable microcosm of their home.We hope you enjoy.

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Oakview Farms

sold by: Oakview Farms LLC (View Business Information)


Welcome to Oakview Farms, a family owned and operated gristmill and working farm in beautiful Elmore County, Alabama. Established in 1998 as Oakview Farms Granary, a stone burr gristmill, general store and whole grain source, we have expanded into a diverse hydroponic greenhouse operation, blueberry U-pick, honey bee farm, and a local grower for fresh seasonal vegetables. Oakview Farms believes in food safety and food quality, and offers to our customers sustainably grown vegetables and fruits, chemical free and organic grains, and raw honey from our bees. Also available are bulk grains, bread baking equipment and supplies, fresh farm eggs, and meat goats.

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Blackberry Jellies & Syrups

sold by: Cypress Valley Farms (View Business Information)


To the Conway market in the am. Wax beans, cucumbers, butterstick squash, zuchinni, blackberries and eggs and a supply of blackberry jellies and syrups. Don't miss out, come before noon. Sales begin at 6:30 am. Corner of Parkway and Main. Night all.

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The Herbal Sage Tea Company

sold by: The Herbal Sage Tea Company (View Business Information)


A member of United Plant Savers and Ohio Proud, she blends most of her recipes at the ACEnet kitchen in Athens, focusing on medicinal teas that taste great. You can purchase the Tealady's teas and other products from her online store.

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Grass Fed Beef New York

sold by: Heydenrych Farms (View Business Information)

100% Grass Fed Beef of New YorkHeydenrych Farms Raise 100% Grass Fed Hereford Beef. Our Goal Is To Produce Good Quality Beef At An Affordable Price To Our Local Market. Our Beef Is Sold Whole Or Half, Or If You Don't Have Enough Freezer Space For Half, Try Our 40-lbs Grass Fed Beef Sampler Packages Which Consist Of 4 Ribeye Steaks, 3 T-bone Steaks, 2 Porterhouse Steaks, 2 Top Sirloin Steaks, 2 Tip Sirloin Steaks, 2 Top Round Steaks, 2 Eye Round Steaks, 2 Chuck Steaks, 1 X 3 Lbs. Bottom Round Roast, 2 X 2lbs. Short Ribs, 2 X 1.5 Lbs. Stew Beef And 8 X 1.5 Lbs. Ground Beef. If You Are Interested In A Whole Or Half, The Beef Will Be Cut According To Your Specifications. Our Beef Is Processed By A Usda Inspected Plant And Cryovac Packaged With Cut And Weight On The Label. We Only Sell Steers That Were Born, Raised, And Finished On Our Farm. We Are Committed To Providing A Stress-free Environment For Our Animals With Good Quality Grass And Hay All Year Round. We Use No Antibiotics Or Growth Hormones.

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Farm Raised Tilapia & Catfish

sold by: Flahertys Fish Farm (View Business Information)


Fillets, Fresh, Frozen, Live, Pre-packaged Portions, Whole Dressed/Deheaded, Whole Dressed/Head-on, Other: live or fresh dressed unless otherwise ordered.

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There's A Sauce For That!

sold by: Patter Fam Sauces (View Business Information)


Sam and Joyce of Wheelersburg offer hand-crafted, all natural sauces, marinades and glazes that enhance the quality of your dining experience.From Bourbon Barrel Hot Sauce and Jamaican Jerk Sauce to Pawpaw Chipotle Sauce and Spicy Orange Glaze, their sauces will not disappoint. Check out their MarketMaker profile or order from their website.

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Dr. Konstantin Frank's Vinifera Wine

sold by: Dr. Konstantin Frank's Vinifera Wine Cellars (View Business Information)

Finger Lake Wine New YorkDr. Konstantin Frank ignited the Vinifera Revolution a movement that forever changed the course of wine growing in the Finger Lakes and the United States. Dr. Franks vision, knowledge and determination are credited with elevating the New York wine industry from a state of happy mediocrity to a level that today commands world attention.

Dr. Franks Wine Cellars is proud of its international winemaking team with each member bringing in their particular expertise. The talented group includes winemakers from California, Australia, France and Germany. The focus on world class wines continues with each generation of the family, each member living up to the Frank Family tradition of excellence.

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Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese

sold by: Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company LLC (View Business Information)

Finger Lakes Farmstead CheeseAt Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese, we make European-style farmstead cheeses using fresh, raw milk from our family farm. Our cows graze from early spring to late fall: grazing keeps our herd happy and healthy, and is known for its positive effect on cheese flavor. We currently produce a traditional Dutch-type cheese named "Schuyler," and a Gruyre-style red-washed cheese called "Red Meck."

Cheese is made by hand in small batches approx. 24 (8-lb) wheels per batch. Also make 30-lb wheels for longer aging. Plain wheels include "Schuyler" a traditional "boerenkaas"; "Red Meck" which is like a Gouda/Gruyere cross, and a cheese soaked in Ithaca Beer Company's Nut Brown Ale or Smoked Porter.

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Split Creek Farm Feta Cheese

sold by: Split Creek Farm, LLC (View Business Information)


American Dairy Goat Association 2011 cheese competition, Grand Rapids, MI - Split Creek Farm goat milk peanut butter layered fudge won first place in the Confection Class. Split Creek Farm?s feta marinated in oil won 2nd place in the Flavored Feta Class.

Split Creek Farm Feta in Oil won a gold medal in its class at the 2010 World Championship Cheese in Madison, Wisconsin. The contest consisted of 2,313 cheese and butter entries representing 20 nations. The farm?s feta competed against goat, cow, and sheep milk cheeses.

Split Creek Farm?s goat milk feta received a perfect score of 100 and was awarded for being the highest scoring cheese in the competition for the American Dairy Goat Association annual meeting in October, 2009 in Buffalo, NY.

Split Creek Farm, LLC received a third place win for the same artisan goat cheese at the American Cheese Society's 2009 competition held in Austin, Texas in August.The marinated feta was entered in a class that included cow, sheep, goat and mixed milk cheeses. Nearly 200 artisan cheese producers and over 1300 entries were represented at the largest competition held by theAmerican Cheese Society to date.


The farm was awarded a bronze medal for their artisan goat cheese entered in the 2009 United States Championship Cheese Contest held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The contest hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, featured 1,360 cheese entries from 32 states and is the largest US competition they have ever hosted.

The farm?s entries won gold medals in three categories and were awarded first in four classes at the 2007 American Dairy Goat Association?s prestigious national cheese competition held in October at Fort Collins, Colorado.

Best In Show was won by the feta in oil at the 2005 American Dairy Goat Association National Cheese Competition, Kansas City, MO

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Charlie's Stone Crabs

sold by: Charlie's stone Crabs, Inc. (View Business Information)

Charlie's Stone Crabs

Looking for some fresh crab claws order some today and they can be delivered directly to your location.

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Lane's Fresh Peach Bread

sold by: Lane Southern Orchards (View Business Information)

Lane's Fresh Peach Bread

Fresh, handmade peach bread using our locally grown Faye Alberta peaches.

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Kumquat Growers, Inc

sold by: Kumquat Growers, Inc (View Business Information)


The kumquat's unique flavor lends itself as a pleasant addition to many food dishes, desserts, and salads. The kumquat can be candied or kabobed with other fruits or vegetables with meats, such as poultry, duck, pork or lamb. It is also a favorite for jelly, jam, marmalade, salsaand chutney.

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Red, White, and Blue Pie

sold by: Quaker Valley Orchards (View Business Information)

Stars and Stripes Pie

Try Quaker Valley Orchards' famous Red, White and Blue pie. It is a combination of cherries and blueberries with stars and stripes on top. Perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day!

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Barren Co. Blue

sold by: Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese (View Business Information)

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Barren Co. BlueIt has a firm yet springy blue-veined interior with a tangy, slightly acidic, ripe flavor. It's our "Stilton Wannabe". The perfect after-dinner cheese course, and pairs well with fruits and nuts.

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sold by: HYDRO-TASTE FARM (View Business Information)




They are a u-pick farm located near Tampa, Florida. They have over 150,000 hydroponic plants including strawberries, blueberries, cabbage, corn, and much much more.

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Darn Hot Peppers - Chipotle Salsa

sold by: Darn Hot Peppers LLC (View Business Information)

Darn Hot Peppers - Chipotle Salsa

A Mexican home style salsa blend just the right touch of "heat" and "flavor". Made with 100% all-natural, pesticide free ingredients. Our special reserve Chipotle salsa uses a blend of smoked Jalapenos and Mirasol chiles. Perfect for use on carne asada or any grilled meat. Use liberally as a salsa dip, on Nachos, tostadas, or any favorite dish.

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Wild South Carolina Shrimp

sold by: Port Royal Seafood Inc (View Business Information)

Wild South Carolina Shrimp

Offering small, medium and extra large size peeled and deveined shrimp. The product comes from our family owned boats and dock straight to your door delivered in 5 pound boxes.

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Pinterest Recipe Contest

sold by: Flinchbaugh's Orchard and Farm Market (View Business Information)

Pinterest Recipe Contest

All MarketMaker businesses are invited to submit a strawberry recipe and photo of the finished product. Submissions can be sent to info@pamarketmaker.com. Full details about the contest including rules and prizes can be found here.

Savannah Bee Company Grill Honey

sold by: Savannah Bee Company (View Business Information)

Savannah Bee Company Grill HoneyFlavor of Georgia Food Product Contest 2010-Overall Winner. Savannah Bee Company Grill Honey adds distinctive flavor to a marinade or amazingly crisp caramelization to grilled meat, vegetables, or seafood. Pure varietal honey specially blended to drizzle on foods fresh off the grill to add a hint of sweetness.

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Multiplying Onions

sold by: Jobe Gardens (View Business Information)

Jobe Gardens

These onions are easy to grow, will multiply so that you can have onions for a long time if they receive minimal care.

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Belle' Ecorce Farms

sold by: Belle Ecorce Farms (View Business Information)

Belle Ecorce Farms

Belle corce Farms is a small farmstead and artisan cheese producer. Our licensed goat dairy and small Fromagerie is located in South Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun Country. Belle corce Farms is committed to making natural, old-world styles goat cheeses without the use of preservatives, additives, hormones, or antibiotics We make fresh, ripened, & aged (raw & pasteurized milk) goat cheeses using French-Acadian artisinal methods.Our unique, non- traditional, seasoned Chvre discs are also a hit with our customers. Find our goat cheese at the farm,Red Stick Market in Baton Rouge, at Joey's Specialty Foods in Lafayette, Cena at River Ranch, Lafayette and fine restaurants in New Iberia, Lafayette, New Orleans and Shreveport.

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Carolina Gold Rice

sold by: Carolina Plantation Rice (View Business Information)


We are proud to be South Carolina's first product made with Green-e-Certified Renewable Energy. Nothing's Fresher. Nothing's Finer.Ask for Certified SC Grown Carolina Plantation Products.

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Homemade Chicken Soup for the Soul

sold by: Jara Farms (View Business Information)

Cicken Stock
Place the chicken carcass in a 4 quart pot and fill about 3/4 full of water. Place onion peel, carrot peelings and celery tops in the pot. Cook for 1 1/2 to 4 hours. Let cool for 1 hour. Strain bones, etc. through a colander. Pick any remaining meat off bones an set aside. This stock is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is one of the healthiest foods you can eat

Take your chicken stock, add the carrots and onion you peeled (chopped) along with the celery (chopped). Add herbs and spices (like sage, white pepper, savory, rosemary, dill, allspice, thyme, marjoram and ginger), salt and garlic (or garlic powder) to taste. Throw in uncooked semolina pasta or brown rice. If using rice, cook until the rice is nearly done before adding veggies. Add veggies and cook until tender. Before serving add any reserved chicken meat and you've got a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal in a bowl. You'll never buy chicken soup from a supermarket again!

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Cary Mac Peaches

sold by: McLeod Farms, Inc. (View Business Information)

Cary Mac Peaches

Fresh peaches are just about the perfect food - they're low in calories, high in vitamin A, high in fiber and are sodium-free. We suggest seving them fresh or include them in your favorite recipe. Fresh peaches are best if allowed to ripen before refrigeration. (They are fully ripe when slightly soft to the touch.) McLeod Farms grows three types of peaches and 23 different varieties. See below for a general guide to our peach varieties and their usual availability.

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Prairie Pure Cheese

sold by: Prairie Pure Cheese (View Business Information)

Prairie Pure Cheese

Prairie Pure Cheese manufactures three varieties of cheese Swiss, cheddar, and butterkase from the milk of a small, 90 cow dairy near Belvidere, Illinois. We work with several different master cheesemakers in southern Wisconsin to custom process our milk into extraordinary cheese. Our cheese is distinct in that the milk comes from a defined source. No artificial growth hormone is used in the herd, where cows are well cared for with a diet of primarily home grown forages and grains. Our cheeses are available through farmers markets in the Chicago and Rockford area in the summer, and through retail outlets in those locations all year round. Chefs, caterers, and cooks love working with our cheese due to its great taste and melting qualities. Our butterkase cheese, especially, has become a favorite it makes the best grilled cheese sandwich youve ever had! Wholesale pricing available.

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Cibolu Farms

sold by: Cibolu Farms (View Business Information)


All meats are cut to retail size portions and are vacuum packed and flash frozen at the plant. We do have a small wholesale marketing plan in place for local area restaurants and retail stores. All meats are produced using a green-grass pasture based system in an effort to produce meats that are nutritionally healthy, deliciously tender and balanced with the natural environment.

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Bernard & Lastrapes Farms, Inc.

sold by: Bernard & Lastrapes Farms, Inc. (View Business Information)

Bernard & Lastrapes Farms, Inc

Springtime in Louisiana means crawfish season! Freah, live, farm raised crawfish are available at the Bernard and Lastrapes Farms, Inc.


Carolina Sweet Onions

sold by: Clayton Rawl Farms, Inc. (View Business Information)

Carolina Sweet Onion

Clayton Rawl Farms Inc. is located in Lexington South Carolina. As one of the only producers of Carolina Sweet Onions, they strive to be one of the best growers, packers, and shippers of fine vegetables. The Carolina Sweet Onion rivals the Vidalia Onion for it's sweet flavor, favored by many South Carolinians and people from all across the country.

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Paleo Meals to Go

sold by: Paleo Meals To Go (View Business Information)


Sometimes a snack just isn't enough and you need a solid meal, whether you are backpacking in the wilderness, competing in ultra marathons, undertaking an epic adventure, participating in extreme events, traveling, or anytime you do not have access to fresh foods and your own kitchen. Paleo Meals To Go are a great option! Our meals are very convenient, requiring only that you add hot water, then sit back and relax, knowing that the meal you are about to eat is wholesome, satisfying, and will enable you to continue your choice to eat Paleo meals, even while you are "on the go."

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Fresh/Frozen Cuts and Fully Cooked/Ready to Prepare Lamb Products

sold by: Sterling Lamb - Hodges Ranch (View Business Information)

Sterling Lamb

The foundation for Sterling Lamb is the development of quality, locally-raised lamb products for the food service and grocery industries. What sets Sterling Lamb apart is that our hair lamb meats do not have the aftertaste that conventional lamb is known for. Additionally, the flocks are closely monitored by the producers, making it possible to deliver cuts of lamb that meet our customers' needs, specifications, and expectations.

Rattlesnake Hill Farm Garlic Jelly

sold by: Rattlesnake Hill Farm (View Business Information)

Rattlesnake Hill Farm Garlic JellyAll three varieties are a variation on one theme: great garlic, grown sustainably, using no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Try it on the BBQ or in your oven to glaze or baste poultry, pork, game, lamb, seafood or even tofu. Mix it with mustard for a dipping sauce with Asian food. Our daughter loves this combination with chicken nuggets. The jelly is a wonderful addition to stir-fry's or pour it over cream cheese and serve with crackers - absolutely delicious!

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Sweet Chestnuts

sold by: Chestnut Growers Inc (View Business Information)

Chestnut Slices

Chestnuts harvested at their peak and minimally processed using North America's only commercial chestnut peeler just taste better. The secret ingredient in many fabulous European dishes and pastries, chestnuts are a healthy addition to any meal or as a delicious snack.

Chestnut Growers, Inc. is a wholly producer owned and controlled agricultural processing and marketing cooperative with 37 members who joined the cooperative to access markets for unique and value added processed chestnut products. Its product lines include peeled and frozen chestnuts, dehydrated sliced chestnuts, chestnut flour, and fresh chestnuts.

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Sweet Potato Sweets

sold by: Sweet Potato Sweets (View Business Information)


We make pies,bread,candies,sausage balls,cookies, log rolls,quiche and many more items which contain sweet potatoes. Our town is called "The Sweet Potato capital of the World. We say that we are second in quanity, but first in quality. Our potatoes here are said to taste better than those grown anywhere else because of the soil here.All reports on nutrition, say Sweet Potatoes are No.1 in food value.

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Snacking Goes Local

sold by: Ballreich's Potato Chips (View Business Information)


Located in Tiffin, Ballreich's Potato Chips has always been a family-owned company, dedicated to a lifelong goal of providing the highest quality of snack foods. Ballreich's takes great pride in supporting the local economy through partnering with many Ohio farmers and suppliers.

Visit there website to order online (below) and check out their profile (above).

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George DeLallo Company

sold by: George DeLallo Company (View Business Information)

DeLallo Company

Hainvg friends or family over and need help with the meal? George DeLallo Company has created this collection filled with pasta, sauces, oils, and even breadsticks to make your work easy!

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MannaMarket Organic Food Co-op

sold by: MannaMarket (View Business Information)


We offer locally grown all natural sustainable produce. Some of it is certified. If it is from near by, it might not be certifed organic but it is incredibly pure. You can taste the difference when you taste our produce.

Again, we have added pick up locations in addition to Freshfully in Avondale and Hanna's Nursery in Greystone. We now are have pickups locations in Pelham Oak Mountain State Park area at 207 Berry Lane, Verbena Hills Farm in Verbena Alabama and The Herb Shop in Cullman Alabama.

We are now growing a lot of our vegetables. We use the bio-dynamic method of gardening. Check out bio-dynamic farming. You will be impressed.

Robyn Mitchell

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OLDeMAN granola

sold by: Olde Man Granola (View Business Information)


We use real butter and brown sugar. We handbake, slowly. This gives Olde Man Granola a richer and creamier taste with more flavor than other granolas. Our all natural products include: Blueberry Almond Granola Raisin Almond Granola Cranberry Pecan Granola Cranberry Pecan Gluten Free Granola Original Nut Granola Chocolate Nut Granola Apple Walnut Granola Apple Cranberry Nut Free Granola.

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Local Winery

sold by: Chateau Aux Arc Vineyards Winery (View Business Information)


Stop in today to taste our locally made wine! Located just south of the Altus exit you can enjoy a huge variety of wine in our tasting room and set out on our patio to enjoy the magnificent view of the orchard!

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Awesome Apple Pie and Apple Kuchen (Cake)

sold by: Red Jacket Orchards (View Business Information)

Apple Pie and Apple Kuchen from Red Jacket

Mom's Awesome Apple Pie Recipe (verbatim from Marilyn Nicholson)
My pastry recipe is very simple.
Crust Ingredients:
2 cups sifted flour
1 tsp salt
2/3 cup shortening
5-6 Tbsp cold water.
Mix together, separate into two balls (one for bottom, other for top lattice) put in frig while you prepare fruit. Roll out on floured surface.
Pie Ingredients:
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp corn starch
1 tsp cinnamon
6 cups sliced, pared, cored Red Jacket apples (I like to use Ida Red)
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp butter
Mix together dry ingredients. Toss with fruit and lemon juice. Turn into pastry lined pie crust. Dot with butter. Cover pie with pastry (I like to do a lattice top). Bake in 425 F over 50 minutes or until crust is browned.

Grandmas Apple Kuchen (pronounced Kugen)
Emily Nicholsons German dessert made from apples or summer fruits as available.
1 cup bisquick
1/4 cup of sugar
1 egg
brown granulated sugar
1/4 cup butter
cinnamon and some nutmeg
5 or 6 apples (quick cooking) also can use sliced apricots (cut in half and placed bottom side up) peaches and plums when in season.
Mix bisquick, sugar, egg and enough milk to make soft batter. Spread into well greased (7 x 11 approx.) pan. Slice apples thinly and spread across pan, uniformly together. Sprinkle brown sugar and spices over fruit. Dot with slices of butter. Bake at 400 degrees on bottom shelf for 10 to 15 min. Transfer to top shelf to brown top. Bakes quickly so watch and test with fork to soft texture.

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Hyman Vineyards

sold by: Hyman Vineyards (View Business Information)


Hyman Vineyards Muscadine Wines, Juice, Jam, Jelly, Preserves,and Butters; Musscadine Supplements, SC Specialty Products , Etc.

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Lakeridge Southern Red

sold by: Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards (View Business Information)

Lakeridge Southern Red

Sweet, red muscadine wine

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